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Famous Indian Painters – Dreams Art Gallery August 10, 2010

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India have produced several great painters who have influenced the world through their sensitivities. Paintings of some of the Indian painters such as M.F. Husain and Tyeb Mehta have fetched astronomical sums at international auctions. This proves the popularity of Indian painters across the world. Here is a brief profile of famous Indian painters.Amrita Shergill Biography - Amrita Shergill Indian Painter - Amrita Shergil History

Amrita Shergill
Amrita Shergill was a renowned Indian painter. She was one of the most charismatic and promising Indian artists of the pre-colonial era. Most of her paintings reflect vividly her love for the country and more importantly her response to the life of its people.

Jamini Roy Jamini Roy Biography - Jamini Roy Painting - Jamini Roy Indian Painter - Dreams Art Gallery
Jamini Roy was one of the most significant and influential painters of the 20th century. He was born in a middle-class family in 1887 at Beliator village in Bankura district of Bengal. His father Ramataran Roy was an amateur artist who, after resignation from government service, spent the rest of his life in his village amidst the potters.

Raja Ravi Varma Raja Ravi Varma Biography - Ravi Varma Painting- Information on Raja Ravi Varma Painting - Ravi Verma Indian Painter - Dreams Art Gallery
Raja Ravi Varma is considered as one of the greatest painters in the history of Indian Arts. He is famous for his depiction of scenes from the epics of the Mahabharata and Ramayana. Raja Ravi Varma is most remembered for his paintings of beautiful sari clad women, who were portrayed as very shapely and graceful. He is considered as modern among traditionalists and a rationalist among moderns.

MF Hussain MF Hussain Profile - MF Hussain Biography - Information on Indian Painter MF Husain - Maqbool Fida Hussain Indian Painter - Dreams Art Gallery
MF Hussain was born on September 17, 1915 in Pandharpur, Maharashtra. He lost his mother when he was one and a half years old. Husain’s father remarried and moved to Indoor. MF Hussain did his schooling from Indore. In 1935, MF Hussain moved to Bombay and joined Sir J. J. School of Art.

Tyeb Mehta Tyeb Mehta Profile - Tyeb Mehta Biography - Information on Indian Painter Tyeb Mehta - Dreams Art Gallery
Tyeb Mehta was a well known Indian artist, who was known all over the world for his brilliant painting. A multifaceted personality, he also dabbled in filmmaker and made a mark there. He held the record for the highest price for which an Indian painting has ever been sold, in a public auction. It was his triptych painting Celebration that, on being sold for 15 million Indian rupees ($300,000 USD), gave him this honor.

Anjolie Ela Menon Anjolie Ela Menon - Anjolie Ela Menon Biography, Life History Anjolie Ela Menon - Dreams Art Gallery
Anjolie Ela Menon is among India’s lending contemporary female artists, who have created a name for themselves in the domestic as well as international art scenario. Her works are a part of significant painting collections across the globe. One of her art works, ‘Yatra‘ was recently picked up by the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco at California in the year 2006.

Francis Newton Souza Francis Newton Souza - FN Souza Biography, Life History of FN Souza
Born on 12 April 1924 to a Goan couple, Francis Newton Souza was an eminent Indian artist of his time. He was among that early crop of painters who hold the credit of popularizing Indian art in the western countries. Francis Newton Souza was the student of the Sir JJ School of Art in the Mumbai city.

Rameshwar Broota
Born in the year 1941 at Delhi, Rameshwar Broota has emerged as one of the Rameshwar Broota - Rameshwar Broota Biography, Life History of Rameshwar Broota - Dreams Art Gallerymost prominent painters of India in the present times. Having an innate passion for art, he joined the College of Art in the capital city during the year 1964. And he went to become the head of the well-known institute Triveni Kala Sangam devoted to the promotion of art and culture in the year 1967.

SH Raza
S.H. Raza, who was born in the year 1922 as Syed Syed Haider Raza - S. H. Raza Biography, Life History of SH Raza - Dreams Art GalleryHaider Raza, is a internationally acclaimed Indian painter. Though he has resided and worked from France since the 1950s, yet he maintains close association with his motherland till date. Though he incepted doing figurative paintings, he gradually moved on to abstract later on.